There are several types of strabismus, including what is “forgetful,” and some that are “brutal.” Also, including “false strabismus,” as well as “true strabismus,” one of the most important things that happens with a child during the first months of his life is to start seeing with both eyes. Each of us has two eyes that work in perfect harmony between them, and thanks to this consistency, humans, unlike other animals, have a great ability to see in 3D. The infant acquires this consistency between the eyes during the first months of his life. Sometimes, until he reaches the age of 4 months or 5 First, the child has not yet acquired the ability to coordinate between the eyes, so one of the eyes is a headmaster Forward (in the middle), while the other eye is going inward or outward, or in other words: you have strabismus. It is assumed that cases of strabismus will disappear by the age of 6 months, but if strabismus persists, then this indicates the presence of some defect, which calls for To see the doctor immediately .. To this day, there are some doctors who refuse to examine children with strabismus, and reach more than 6 months of age, claiming that the child is still young and that the strabismus will disappear on his own. It is important to know that this belief is wrong, On the contrary, strabismus may lead to amblyopia, which causes visual impairment in both eyes. Therefore, it is important to address these cases without any delay.