Eyelid lifting is performed in one of two cases

The first and most common condition is when older people suffer from sagging eyelids, which impedes their vision, and gives them an appearance that indicates that they are old and tired.

The second, less common, condition is when a person wants to alter the appearance of the face.
In any case, these two conditions make this process one of the processes that a large number of people require to perform every year, over the years.
Ultimately, the end result of this process is a marked improvement in the field of vision on the one hand, and an improvement in the external appearance on the other side. This matter does not contradict and does not prevent someone suffering from sagging eyelids due to one or both causes, from undergoing the operation.
Methods of operation and reasons ?
Sagging eyelids, is one of the widespread phenomena known worldwide, and it occurs with age. Fat accumulates in the eyelid area, the skin becomes more elastic, and the volume of tissue in the area decreases. Then, the eyelids begin to sag, and the feeling of heaviness and fatigue begins in the place.
The more the eyelids slouch, the narrower the field of view, and the eyes suffer more heaviness and fatigue. This, of course, affects the body and the head.