Cataracts often appear with age, and when symptoms appear, a visit to the doctor must be made to determine the appropriate way to remove them and not delay treatment in order to avoid their seriousness.

Modern methods of cataract surgery:

Cataract suction after fragmentation with ultrasound or vibration movement through precise surgical openings, then folded lenses are implanted through these tiny openings inside the eye and the process does not result in any astigmatism after the operation.
In it, the femtosecond laser is used to break up cataracts and make very accurate holes in the cornea, which the surgeon will suction the cataracts through, and the femtolizer is used to correct astigmatism during the operation.
Cataract surgical removal:
This is done without breaking up the cataracts through a relatively large surgical opening, and then the lens is implanted through this opening, and this method is flawed by the occurrence of astigmatism in some cases, and wound healing takes some time. This method is characterized by a low cost of material and is usually resorted to by an inexperienced surgeon with FACU or phytometrics, or if the white water is very old and fossilized, which can be difficult to break up by ultrasound or with Vmtolizer.